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“One Leisure is a firm that is concerned with the total effect of the project’s Vision, an all-encompassing solution that achieves a well-balanced synthesis of the project’s architecture and site, therefore engaging users on all levels of experience…”

John C. Hill, AIA, LEED® AP, Principal

HKS hill glazier studio, HKS Architects, Inc.

One Leisure’s portfolio showcases a variety of the best luxury hotel and resort projects produced by the studio. Each project has been chosen according to a set of criteria that includes a strong design aesthetic, landscape architectural integrity, a commitment to cultural understanding and a celebration of an aesthetically striking freedom of expression and invention. Whether the project is an enormous resort master planned community development or a small luxurious coastal resort One Leisure’s approach is always the same – to recognize that while anything can be the “possible solution” we will settle for no less than the “desirable solution”. This is the fundamental reason why all our projects are unique. One Leisure does not follow a prescribed and repetitive design style for the outcome of its design solutions. It has a practice “brand style” that emerges organically and is a fluid, open system that produces results that are as unique and varied as the individual sites and locations.

Our full service design practice creates exciting and memorable guest experiences through the intelligent use of contextual atmosphere strategies. Ultimately, these projects bear the unique stamp of the One Leisure brand each delivered while honouring the specific project’s location and history. We have a commitment to authenticity, originality and the dramatic use of textures and colour.

One Leisure’s portfolio has been sub-divided into two major sections of design focus and execution. The first section is Master Planning which highlights large-scale leisure planning projects. The second section is Hotel & Resorts which focuses on the creation of site specific landscape architecture for a wide variety of five-star resort properties.

Each project is presented though introductory project data and text, a signature photograph and a series of sketches, diagrams and photographs that highlight the key features of each project.