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The New Textiles

"For years, I’ve had the privilege of working together with One Leisure on complex resort hotel projects. The resulting innovative design solutions are the culmination of constantly pushing the boundaries of the preconceived notions for resort design. I look forward to our continued collaboration, which for me; inspires me to a higher level in my own firm’s work."

Andy Lang, President

Lang Lighting Design

At One Leisure it is our philosophy that successful hotel and resort environments embrace the value of authenticity, innovation, ecological viability, complexity, originality and deliver an array of enlightening experiences to flood the senses with emotion and beauty. An effective exterior message is achieved by careful assessment and interpretation of the traditional, historical, regional, and natural surroundings and synthesized with elements such as modernity, contemporary and built forms. We come up with innovative and dynamic resort solutions by taking a multilateral approach to the reinterpretation of traditional building forms, the selection and contextually appropriate use of materials, sensitivity to the indigenous people and sustainability in our designs. This promotes a sense of harmony within the resort itself as well as with the environment in which it lives. This is our final and finest achievement - the creation of the project’s “Mosaic Soul”.

Our philosophy and passion are embodied by our design services. We provide a wide variety of design and consulting services that are tailored to each individual project and client. It is our mandate to address the broadest spectrum of demands for every project be it aesthetic or practical. One Leisure strives to deliver memorable and functionality in equal measure.