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The New Textiles

What’s it all about......

The designers at One Leisure spend their time thinking, discussing, dreaming, and experimenting. We are programmed to relate and interact with our natural environment and to seek out new experiences. This is why the landscape is so important to us. It is the source of all design beginnings. We strive to understand elements of beauty and nature so we can produce expressions of place and moment on site. Our thinking is wild and free. We talk in pictures, not in words.


Our commitment to innovation, complexity and originality in our luxury resort hotel designs mean all our projects have authenticity and integrity. The spaces we create are quality crafted and made with care. Our designs have longevity and artistic expression embodied within their “Mosaic Soul”. They have personalities that express enchantment, surprise, mystery, renewal, peace and wonder. This is a celebration of the senses.


Creating beautiful form and atmosphere is our life’s work. We do it well.


We like to draw. At One Leisure we draw a lot. Drawings are magical. Our presentation style includes extremely large-format hand rendered sections, elevation and plan graphics. We prefer using this “old school” approach to relying on computer generated images to explain our design.  We believe we are keeping a dying art alive and that hand drawn sketches are a stronger format to convey the atmospheric ambience of a high-end resort property.


One Leisure brings “fresh eyes” to a project. We focus on creating a resort hotel design vocabulary that is original and crisp for our clients. We do not offer “talking heads” that say things just to please you. Our firm is about “what you see is what you get”. We pride ourselves on not designing a large number of resort projects; we concentrate on a relatively small number of projects and execute them extremely well. In these special projects we strive to create innovative design solutions that offer high-quality guest experiences, and to develop a successful resort that will operate efficiently and maximize revenues on investments.


We think Nature is wonderful and she is the perfect partner for the Poetics of Dancing.