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“...any man who can get away with wearing shirts that are as wild and gorgeous as his are, must have acquired the art of balancing great design with great courage – we love him!”

Jonathan Buchanan        





Managing Director

Clark A. Smillie

Founder, Managing Director and Principal Designer Clark Smillie has focused his twenty-plus year career on creating design solutions for top end luxury resorts and hotels throughout the world. As Director and Principal Designer, Clark has produced countless design expressions for hospitality and leisure projects in more than forty-two countries around the world including hotel and resort landscape architecture designs in the Middle East, Europe, Africa, Asia, and the Caribbean.

In his early career Clark spent many years working and traveling abroad including living on three different continents and calling six different countries home. During this time he would take every opportunity to visit, study and sketch the native architecture, local planning, cultural traditions and landscapes of these regions. This engendered an appreciation for the strength and power of local materials and the effect they had on the production of everyday built solutions with minimal environmental impact. These experiences gave him a first-hand understanding of the importance of place, of indigenous style, of orientation and seasonal strategy – in essence the genius loci of a destination. It is this consideration of how man and his habitat are uniquely linked that Clark uses to find and create profoundly satisfying environments for his client’s projects.

Along with the landscape’s meaning Clark has an appreciation for contemporary design that he weaves into every assignment. This is a fundamental aspect to his design approach. His designs forge relationships between nature and the built environment resulting in a harmonious and pleasurable fusion of local landscapes and building traditions with modern forms and sensibility. These fusions are all about the project’s materiality showcasing visually rich materials, highlighting textures, executing unique details to make something that is useful, meaningful, responsible, memorable and beautiful. The final design is a landscape experience that reveals its true “mosaic soul”.

Now based in Toronto Clark’s talents and enthusiasm are engaged in every new endeavor as he applies his experience to a project’s development from a comprehensive master plan to its construction and detailing. His international design leadership and management of multi-disciplinary teams, substantial experience in the design and construction practices of world regions, and his compendium of plant knowledge are all critical skills he brings with his participation. He is continually stretching to delineate new concepts, new ideas and new designs. Clark’s courage, passion and imagination are constantly fueling One Leisure’s evolution as a superlative design studio and practice.

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